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Don Holmes
11 months ago

Mr. Barry …………. you KNOW how I feel about your latest Gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cor mulder
11 months ago

Hello Barry, very very good song

Shell Beckwith
11 months ago

Hi Barry. Very cool video and song. It sure invoked a mood of ‘home’. FYI I’ve dumped FB and Messenger but still tweet, and you have my e mail.
Love your music to this day!

Shell ( formerly Bootsy)

Elizabeth OBrien
1 year ago

Hi Barry,
Just received your email. Long time no hear. Glad you are doing well. I love this new website and it is indeed easier to navigate. All the best, Liz

Gordon Wilson
1 year ago

Love the new website , very informative and easy to navigate.

Barry McCabe
1 year ago
Reply to  Gordon Wilson

Glad to hear that, mate!