Songs (and how they trigger memories)

It’s funny how songs can instantly trigger memories, be they good or bad, happy or sad. Happily the story I’m about to tell you is a funny one.

It’s from the time when we were playing bars and small clubs all over the mainland of Europe.

On this particular day, in another small club in another small town on an ever-ending tour schedule, we’d finished the gig and the barman put the house system on (loud). This happened quite often, probably inspired by ourselves (as we played loud).

I was still standing on the stage and this song came on, through two big speakers hanging at the back of the stage. Some guy got up to talk to me. He’d had a few drinks, so he was shouting at me. I told him he didn’t have to shout if he moved closer to my ear. So he did… but continued to shout at me! Because the music was so loud, I was actually shouting back at him too. He was drunk so everything I said had to be repeated. I suddenly realised that I was standing in the wrong place to have a conversation, so I suggested to the guy that we should move to a quieter spot. We moved to the back of the club where it was a bit quieter… and he continued to shout into my ear!

I heard this song recently on the radio and it instantly triggered a memory of that incident, and like I said earlier a happy one.

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