Traces Of The Future – an update

You may remember I wrote about this documentary back in April… about how it came into being and all that followed. Well, I thought it might be nice to report on the progress since.

It has been well received around the world. Just this last weekend, it was featured at a special trades fair in Amsterdam. It was shown twice daily, followed by a Q&A. None of the artisans featured in the documentary were there but two artisans from Venice that Herman has photographed were there (one was a mask maker and the other was a glass blower).

On top of all that, the documentary has been nominated for several awards. It has been nominated for the Special Jury Awards at the Festival del cinema Cefalù in Italy. That’ll be happening next month. It has also been selected by the International Film Festival in The Hague from 10th to 12th November. I believe that’s quite a prestigious festival.

All good news of course and nice to see so many people still care about preserving those old trades.

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