The Italian Job

While going through some old e-mails recently, I came across the following. It’s a review of the “Beyond The Tears” album and a gig in Milano with Mick Taylor.

You know, after the show in Milano I put “Beyond The Tears” on and I drove all the way back home. Ever since then, I have never switched it off, and believe me, I spend a lot of time sitting in my car: it’s a great album really. You’re right, these are very insensitive times, but works like yours come as a fresh beer on a hot summer day! Listening to “Beyond The Tears” is like spending one day in a pub, sitting at the table with a good friend, talking of good and bad times, joking and feeling that everything will be alright, even outside. One complete day, ’till sunset comes with a waltz for the good-bye.

I listened to “The Peace Within” also (at home)… I was astonished at what a bagpipe can do! It takes a brave one to put the tradition together with rock ‘n’ roll, and to do it in such a natural way. Hats off to you, Barry!

Concerning the concert in Milano, well, it was unforgettable: the reviews in all the papers were more than positive! The magic you were able to create that night proves there’s a good feeling between Mick Taylor, you and the guys of the band.

Or anyway, that’s what I felt.

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