Spaziomusica Music Club in Italy

Shortly after Bruno passed away, Daniela contacted me to say she was putting a book together about him. She asked me if I’d mind writing something for it. I was honoured to be asked. Below you can read what I wrote for it. There is a link at the bottom of the blog that will take you to the actual book itself, in case you’re interested in checking out who all played there or read some of the other stories. Quite a bit of it is in Italian (obviously). My piece is on page 392.

Having spent quite a bit of time on the road from the late ’80s to the mid ’90s I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I can’t remember every club or festival I’ve played. However, there is not a chance in the world of forgetting my time(s) in Spaziomusica in Pavia. From the first moment I set foot in the club it felt like ‘home’! This was due in no small part to the wonderful kindness of the owners Daniela & Bruno – owner might not be the best word to use as they felt more like ‘hosts’ or dare I say even friends.

The walls of the club paid testament to all the fine artists who have ever played there, yet both Daniela and Bruno had this uncanny knack of making you feel like you were the first band they ever had play there. I’m quite sure they bestowed the same kindness on all their guests. In fact I know so, because once I was playing a festival in Holland and was talking to an American band who were touring Europe. I asked them – “where have you been so far?” They said – “Italy” and I immediately asked – “Did you play Spaziomusica?”, to which they all smiled and said “Karl Marx.” They then took out a 1000 lira note, pointed at it and said – Bruno!”

Both Daniela and Bruno took us into their home, cooked wonderful meals for us and basically shared their lives with us too. That’s a rare thing to find on the road. It always made going to Pavia so special. Their kindness knew no boundaries and as the story above shows, knowledge of that kindness didn’t stop at the Italian border.

Spaziomusica – one very special club. Daniela & Bruno – two very special people.


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Stephen Ferris
1 year ago

That’s a lovely tribute to both Daniela & Bruno.