Adam & Eve – featuring Anna Litvinenko (cello)

During the original recording of this song, at one point someone said – you know what would be nice on this track, a cello. Everyone agreed that indeed it would sound nice on it but as no one knew a cellist that idea went as quickly as it came.

By coincidence I was in the city centre a day or two afterwards and a girl walked by with what looked like a cello case on her back. I ran after her and asked – is that a cello you’re carrying? She answered – yes (slowly) and gave me a look that said, you better explain yourself real fast. So I did and then I asked her – would you like to play cello on the song? She answered – no, giving me a look as if I’d asked her for the family jewels. So much for that!

When I recounted the story to someone a bit later they said, you should put a note up at the music school. I’m sure there’s someone there who would be willing to do it. I thought that was a good idea so off I went and put up my note on the noticeboard. I waited… and waited… and waited and eventually came to the conclusion that no one was going to beat a path to my door to add some cello to the song.

So why am I writing about this now?

Well, on the 12th of March this year I attended a benefit concert for the people of Ukraine because as you’re no doubt aware, Putin and his henchmen decided to go to war with them on the 24th February.

It was a nice concert, with lots of classical music played on cellos. It was only as I lay in bed that night that my mind suddenly connected the dots – that was a lot of cellos… cellos… cello… Adam & Eve!

I contacted the lady who organised the concert and she put me in touch with someone called Anna Litvinenko, a cellist from Ukraine. Unlike my previous attempt, she said yes immediately and was very enthusiastic. The only problem after that was to pick a date. She’s incredibly busy these days – playing all over the world, giving lessons, taking part in benefit concerts and on top of that she’s busy recording her first album!

Oh tonight I’m going with you, gonna lay down in your arms, oh tonight I’m going with you, gonna give you everything

… but as you can hear, we managed to get together and do it and I have to say I’m thrilled with the result. She has such a beautiful touch and tone.

So never mind living next door to Alice and waiting 24 years for a chance to tell her how you feel. I recorded Adam & Eve for the Peace Within album back in 1998, so it’s taken me 24 years to finally get some cello on the song.

Footnote: the lady who organised that benefit concert is Russian and without her help I wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with Anna and make this happen. I just think it’s important to mention that fact.

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Roger Stevenson
1 year ago

Beautiful – the cello adds musical depth and the story adds a layer of meaning. Thanks.

1 year ago

Always one of my favorite songs, now with story and cello: even better!

1 year ago

24 years….so it`ll now be called Adam & Alice….

Don Holmes
1 year ago

A GREAT Song deserves a GREAT Story behind it …… Well Done, Barry and Anna!!!!!!