Peter Green – Born On This Day

Peter Green – born on this day back in 1946. He’s right up there with Rory as one of my favourite guitarists. This upload has the vinyl crackles and all, which is the way I listened to it (over and over). I found it on a Decca Records album called ” The World of Blues Power”.

As a learner I thought, it’s slow and he’s not playing all that many notes. I’ll be able to learn this in no time. I’m still trying!!

I only got to see Peter play live with the Splinter group, his comeback basically. Obviously his best days were behind him but there were still moments of magic. I was due to rehearse the following evening with my own band. When we met up I said to the guys – there are two things we can do. We can rehearse as planned or we can go see Peter Green ’cause he’s in town tonight. That was the second time I got to see Peter live. 🙂

After Peter left John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, John hired a young Mick Taylor to replace him. I had the pleasure of playing with Mick throughout Europe after he agreed to be our special guest for the Beyond The Tears release.

One of the few capable of playing as beautifully as Peter is the one and only Snowy White and I had the pleasure of playing with Snowy when he also agreed to be our special guest for some festivals in Europe.

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