Cavan Day 2021

It was a real honour and a privilege to have Mick as a ‘special guest’ for the Beyond The Tears CD release party. It was a fun night. We played some tracks off the CD and some covers, including the one we uploaded today especially for Cavan Day. The man truly is a guitar legend!

The following morning we were having breakfast at the hotel and talking about music (what else) and Mick seemed to be well up-to-date on Irish artists and the Irish music scene. He said he’d enjoyed the show the night before and would love to do it again. I thought to myself – oh, he probably says that to all the artists he’d worked with but when I mentioned it to his manager she said that wasn’t the case so I could take it as the truth!

I guess he must have been serious because the following week I got a call asking if I wanted to do a tour in Germany with him. That worked out fine and so we continued to work together after that, touring throughout Europe and having a blast! It was great to work up close with one of the world’s best guitarists. That’s an experience I will never forget.

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