Touring Holland – 30 years ago!

I came across this old tour sheet recently and thought it might be fun to post it here. As you can see, it was for a spring tour of Holland, back in March 1991… so thirty years ago! I wonder how many, if any, of the clubs still exist today.

We certainly kept ourselves busy, didn’t we. That was normal for us at that time, to play that amount of gigs per month. We used to tour in Holland in March and September each year. Scandinavia was May and October and we’d disappear to the south of France each summer. The rest of the year was split up over the various other countries we played in. We usually took January off as there wasn’t much happening in January… and anyway we needed time to check and repair the equipment and other jobs like that.

The two added dates, which are unclear in the scan, were: Wednesday 27th in De Melk Weg, Amsterdam and Monday 1st April at Pand 81 in Haastrecht

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