Vol. 7 No. 50 June 13th 1974

This week’s “Let It Rock” column is supported by photos of Van Morrison, Tommy Gorman, Richie Elliott and a band from Northern Ireland called Sunshine.

Morrison superb on TV

Incredible reaction to the Van Morrison hour on BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test. What a superb concert it was. It showed how much we missed at the Dublin shows and how strange it was to see Ireland’s top rock name get 60 minutes on British television. We should, of course, be thankful for the Rory Gallagher film on RTE but it makes a joke out of the station’s rock policy.

Gandydancer are looking for gigs in and around Dublin or Wicklow. With former Horslips man Declan Sinnott in their line-up the group should be a fair attraction.

Mushroom have made the Top 20 a second time. I felt the Kings and Queens single a little on the weak side but I am delighted to see them making the charts again.

No Irish company could go too far wrong by offering Rodeo a contract now that Thrust Records will not be able to release their first single Freaker’s Ball. I have heard a demo of the disc and there is no doubt that with airplay it has every chance of breaking big. it’s a fine record well produced and very commercial.

A regular reader sent me this picture of a group from the North called Sunshine who made waves around 1969. A closer look at the picture shows two well known members of the Rory Gallagher band. That’s Wilgar Campbell on the left and Gallagher’s current bass man Gerry McEvoy (seated). There is, of course, a new-look Sunshine on the road now.


Yet another new Dublin group trying for a breakthrough are Poseidon – Joe Broadberry (organ), Tom Scott (guitar), Dave MacAdam (bass), John MacAdam (drums) and Shay Allan (vocals). Playing all originals they are strongly influenced by Genesis, Yes, King Crimson and the Beatles and will be doing a free gig on the 29 June in the Phoenis Park. They can also be seen at the Project Arts Centre this Friday and at Rathmines Town Hall next Tuesday.

Next week I will be bringing you my group ratings and I can tell you there are some big surprises. I would like to see reader’s choice of Ireland’s top ten rock acts – national and international. So I’d like to hear from all the heads who take time out to call my popularity placings unjust.

Aton, a five-piece Dublin band which I first brought to your notice some months back have been making good progress and are currently working on a first single, Politics – a group original. The band features on conga drums and vocals Tommy Gorman who toured Europe and America as a roadie with the original Skid Row. The other members of the band are Noel Sheridan (bass), Tony Fitzsimons (drums), Richie Elliott (guitar) and Robert Hanna (guitar).


Big adverts in rock press last week for Fruupp album Seven Secrets but was it worth the effort… tickets for Fairport Convention now on sale… Something in the air at Gonzos…if new group Bananas can stick together they could be the band the scene has been waiting on… film shot on Rory’s Irish tour to be released same time as Rory Gallagher’s Irish Dates double album…no new member yet for Peggy’s Leg…major new pub venue for rock band to open in coming weeks… Sundown, the hit of the Kilkenny beer festival, still interested in getting a young singer into their line-up…concern over Brian Downey, drummer with Thin Lizzy, after he was reported ill while the group were touring Germany…will the Mott concert now take place?

Pat Egan

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