Composed the soundtrack for a documentary

Recently I had the opportunity to do something new musically. Together with Ralph – you know him from the “Troubadour” CD/DVD – we composed and recorded the complete soundtrack for a documentary.

It was fun to do… and like I said a new experience. It was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while, so it was satisfying to finally get it done.

Writing music for a film, or a documentary, is something quite different than writing songs for an album. For starters, you’re aiming for a different end result. It’s something to be used as a support – to support the film or documentary – as opposed to being the main event itself – like a song is.

We recorded it in Ralph’s home studio and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I must say I found it very easy to work with him. We’re usually on the same page as regards what needs to be done, so no mucking about or endless conversations to complicate things or slow things down. In fact, it went so well that we recorded most of it in one day!

We had some ideas beforehand about what we wanted and the rest was done, or came to us, as we watched the images unfold. I think the end result is a nice mixture of sounds that complement the images.

I’m not sure when the documentary will be finished and available for public viewing but I’m sure we’ll post something on the website as soon as we find out.

So, one more thing marked off the “to do” list. Right, what’s next!

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