Having my music used in a film (Dead Load)

I remember receiving an e-mail one day, out of the blue, asking if it was possible to use my music in a film. I thought about it for a really long time (about five seconds) and decided that would be cool.

The e-mail came from a guy called Greg Corcoran. It seems he was busy directing a short film he’d co-written with Colin Corrigan. He already knew what he wanted, so obviously he’d done his homework before contacting me. That was reassuring. Obviously we were dealing with someone who knew his stuff. Always a plus!

At one stage he asked if they could get access to the ‘master tapes’, which these days are actually digital files. What did that mean, I wondered. He replied that it was quite normal and the reason was that they might want to ‘tweak’ things here and there. Now, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of someone ‘tweaking’ my songs but he explained it was for the better and I could listen to the results before they did anything official with it. That sealed the deal.

I have to say – I was very pleasantly surprised by the end results. His music supervisor, Steve Lynch, did a great job of highlighting various pieces within the song – pulling up a bass line here and there, etc. – and even sprinkling a little gold dust of his own over the songs (adding some keyboard parts). The end result being music that you’d think was written specifically for the film.

I won’t say which songs were used, just watch the film yourselves.

I had the pleasure of being at the premiere during the Galway Film Festival. The audience laughed at all the right spots and seemed to really like it, so well done Greg (and everyone involved in making the film of course). You can view it on YouTube here or Vimeo here

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