International Day of Peace

Today – 21st September – is International Day of Peace. Unfortunately, too many words from “The Peace Within” song still ring true. Here they are again to remind you that peace starts on the inside.

Turned on my T.V., what d’ya reckon I saw
People all around the world gettin’ fed up with the law
They fought in Borodino, they’re fighting in Beirut
Some are dressed in battle clothes, some are dressed in suits
Some are long past asking “Does it have to be this way?”
And some they know but do not show, just let it slip away
Our capacity for evil never fears to raise it’s head
And no one learns from history so lots of men are dead

Picked up the paper, it made the front page news
It’s funny how the papers always seem to have the news
Mother and a daughter, father to his son
Fighting fights and mini wars, battles that can’t be won
But who really is to blame, who causes all this pain
We all must hang our heads in guilt, we all must share the blame
Different churches, different rules, What really is a sin?
The only way for peace without is to find the peace within

Heard it on the radio, so it must be true
Everyone’s so scared these days, has it occurred to you
Watch out for your wallet, your baby or your wife
The one who’s scared the most of all is the one who takes a life
Hiding in some alleyway, a knife his only friend
Is it any wonder, people say it soon must end
What’s right for you, what’s right for him, what really is a sin?
The only way for peace without is to find the peace within

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