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As some of you may be aware, we receive messages on a constant basis from people all over the world who have great stories to tell in relation to how my music impacts their lives. It might be that they used it for their wedding, or they’ve just learned some of the songs on the guitar, and it’s always nice to read these stories. It’s like the music stays alive for me through these stories.

I received a lovely story just recently and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s from a gentleman in New York City. Here’s what he wrote; “we have a new addition to our family – a grandson born 7 months ago. I always have music playing in the house and we dance to it. Two of the songs that he recognizes are “Lonely Road” and “Bye Bye Johnny – Be Good”. Although my wife says that they are sad songs, the melodies are great and I get to hold him while the tunes are playing. If I feel up to some faster music I put on the live discs.”

He also wrote; “You write and play great music and I hope you are aware of the positive impact that your music has on many people.”

Well, messages like this one certainly help to keep me aware of that fact and that is why I’m always grateful when you guys take the time to write.

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