Johnny Fean

YouTube will be the death of me (in that I spend way too much time on it) but by the same token it turns up some great treasures and brings me endless hours of musical pleasure! 🙂

I came across the following recently. It’s Horslips live with the Ulster Orchestra playing one of my favourite Horslips songs called “I’ll Be Waiting”. You can check out this live version here, although bear in mind it’s a rough recording from a member of the audience.

You can check out the studio version here 

Not only is it a great song but I think it also contains a majestic solo from Johnny. I’ve always loved Johnny’s solos. He’s so good at doing those slow-burner type solos. First he lays it down solid and then he lets it build and build. It’s restrained and controlled yet it’s always heading to some sort of emotional climax.

This was very much what I had in mind when I asked him to do the second solo/outro on “Trouble” and I was thrilled to bits to hear him take it in that very direction when he got to work on it in the studio. I’d like to think that his solo on “Trouble” ranks alongside his other great Horslips’ solos.

When discussing great Irish guitarists, the first names that people often mention are Rory Gallagher & Gary Moore but for my money, Johnny’s right up there with them. By the way, Horslips will be appearing in Ballyshannon this year at the Rory Gallagher tribute festival, so if you’re in the neighbourhood why not check them out. The floorboards are sure to be bouncing!

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