An acoustic evening in Cafe Averechts

Danny and myself had the opportunity to do an acoustic show in Cafe Averechts in Utrecht just recently and I must say I really enjoyed the evening. It was a nice change of scenery from being indoors at the ‘office’ most of the time lately because we were working on the Albatross CD and then needed to get them out to everyone who had ordered them.

Cafe Averechts is a very special place, which made it all the more interesting and rewarding to play. First off, it is run by volunteers and all the profits are donated to charity. They have special projects and charities and they change all the time, so it’s not just one charity that constantly gets helped. What a great idea – in other words, the more you drink the more you help other people!! 🙂

They have many other interesting ideas – too many for me to mention here – so maybe it’s best if you check out their website (sorry, it’s only in Dutch) – click on the hot link above.

They also have an open-mic. night and live music twice a month, so their audience is well-versed in how to respond/behave – and a very nice respectful crowd it was indeed. We had a lot of familiar faces in as well and that made it all the more enjoyable.

We split the gig into 3 sets. That gave people the opportunity to listen/concentrate when we played and then go outside for a smoke, get a drink or whatever during the breaks. it seemed to work very well and it gave us a good opportunity to mix up our material nicely because in a way you could treat each set as a mini gig, so we could do a blues song, an Irish song, an original song, etc. in each set. Actually, several people mentioned it after the show (nice selection of songs) so I guess it must have worked.

In conclusion, I must say it was a very enjoyable evening – and the people who worked there were all very friendly and helpful as well. I certainly wouldn’t mind playing there again.

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