Blues session in Dongen

I have no idea how many times I’ve played the blues session in Dongen during the carnival but I do know this was a real fun one!! The ‘special guests’ were – Steve Wilkinson (USA), Nicko Christiaansen (Livin’ Blues), Ruben Hoeke and Hans Vermeeren (Charlie & the Welfare). I’ve played with Niko once before for the blues session but it was the first time to play/jam with the other guys and what a bunch of fun it was.

Everyone seemed to be on the same wavelength so things just flowed and there were some really enjoyable musical moments. Walter’s regular band members added the necessary support and it was great to play again with Rob Geboers on Hammond organ.

It still takes a little getting used to – to see all those people dressed up in their carnival gear but once the music starts they turn into their normal ‘great crowd’ role. Everyone was very responsive and they gave all the musicians great support. It was great to finally meet a guitar players who’s louder than I am!! lol. I’ve heard so many times over the years – could you just turn the guitar down a bit – and sometimes you just need it at a certain level to feel it and get that great live feedback/sustain you can only get when you’re cranking your amp – and Ruben (Hoeke) certainly seems to have studied at the same school of sound!

He had a great set up – it looked like an old Marshall 50-watt head (he said it was a 100W), I didn’t get a chance to check out his speaker cab., he had a very nice Les Paul Junior as well with just one pick-up on it and a great ability to play fluidly but pushy at the same time. Real fun to work off what he was doing…

…and before you knew it, the evening was over. Hopefully it won’t be the last time we’ll get to have so much fun, so until the next time take care all. Here’s an example of what went down on the day (thanks to Bep for the footage)    

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