New Albatross album – coming your way!!

I’ve re-written this blog somewhat to bring it up-to-date on where we stand regarding the recordings from the reunion show, so please read on.

Now that life has returned somewhat to normal after all the excitement of the Albatross reunion show we’ve been able to touch base with Ralph & Mark (the guys who recorded the show) and according to Mark…well, here it is in his own words “I’ve spent a lot of time listening to these recordings and I think this can be the best Albatross record yet.”

Now, who in his right mind could leave a statement like that just hanging there, so we’ve been thinking about it and we’ve come to the conclusion that a new Albatross release could be a joyous moment for all concerned. However, we’d really like to do something a bit different than just release it as another standard release and that’s when the thought hit us that this should be an album all about the fans.

Ralph & Mark (remember them – the guys who recorded the show) are two guys I’ve known for quite a while. They are two outstanding musicians in their own right and they also happen to be Albatross fans as well, so I got to thinking – maybe it’s an idea to turn this album over completely to the fans. Who better to work on and mix the album than someone who’s looking at it through the eyes (and ears) of a long-time fan? They may well look at it in ways I would/could not, hear things I may not, cut out stuff I might leave in, etc., so I think it can be quite exciting to hear what they come up with.

Now, the second part of the equation is – why not make this album FOR the fans as well. I wrote in the original blog – “first off, we’d like to hear from you if you’re actually interested in another Albatross album or not” – and you answered clearly that you want another Albatross album!! I also wrote – “it may well be a limited release” – and that is now going to be the case.

We’ve gotten some great feedback already and based on that (and other considerations of course) the new plan is; because this will be ‘limited edition’ release you will need to place your order in advance. The number of orders equals the number of copies pressed. There will be no promo copies, no copies sent to radio, etc. It’s just for you guys. We will print everyone’s name in the booklet, so your support will be recorded as part of Albatross history.

I hope it’s now clear that there will be no ‘normal’ release. There will only be a ‘limited edition’ release (that point didn’t seem to come across clear to some of you) so you need to get in now to secure your copy. This seems like a positive way of dealing with this and a way of offering something special to those of you who are special to us. Of course the CD’s will be signed with any personal message you might want added, etc. when it’s time to send them out.

We will try to contact as many of you as possible (if we have you in our files) but please feel free to contact us via the site if you’re interested. That way you will secure your copy for sure!!

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect to hear.

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