Merry Christmas, Arthur (Sweet Soul Music)

Just recently I decided to wear a waistcoat I hadn’t worn in ages. In one of the pockets I found a piece of paper with Arthur Conley’s address on it. I must have worn this waistcoat the first time I went to visit him. As you might be aware Arthur passed away from this world a few years ago.

Arthur was a very friendly man and he did a lot to help young musicians. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of his kindness and help on several occasions.

Yesterday I was sending out a few e-cards and around the same time I got an e-mail from a good friend of mine, Bluesy Willie. Willie was also a very good friend of Arthur’s. I mentioned to him about finding Arthur’s address in my pocket. Willie told me he’d had a very vivid dream the night before about Arthur but it felt more than just a dream. It felt real. I said, well it’s obvious Arthur is showing us that he’s still around and looking out for us.

Then I got a mail a few minutes later from Willie to say he’d just heard “Sweet Soul Music” on the radio.

Merry Christmas Arthur, you sweet soul man!!

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