Feel So Good

I just have to tell you about a very funny situation that happened to me last weekend. I was in Melderslo, a fairly small village in Limburg, Holland because they were having their annual Fair.

Someone mentioned that there was a band playing live music in one of the pubs so we decided to go there. They were just going on stage the minute we arrived. They kicked off the first song and it sounded good from where we were (out in the main bar, they were in the back). I thought to myself, I know this song and then could hardly believe my ears when I heard the singer begin – “I’d climb any mountain you ask me to, I’d even swim the seven seas…”!! I turned to one of the guys and said – “I actually wrote that song.”

It was a very pleasant surprise to hear this band start with one of my songs, and so in the first break I went up to the guitar player and said – “I really enjoyed your first song” and he answered – “thanks, we usually open with that song” and I in turn answered by saying – “I’m the guy who wrote it” and that knocked him for six I think.

Later the lead singer and I got talking and it seems he seen me play with Albatross way back (when we played in the Canix in Lottum) and he obviously bought the record after the gig. He said he’d also seen me in De Splinter in Venlo when I did that War Child tour a few years back. He also mentioned that they start the gig with “Feel So Good” as it’s a real rocker (and they play quite a few biker’s parties). I told him I’d written it in Scandinavia many years ago when we were also playing quite a few biker’s parties.

So, if you check out the attached setlist for yourselves you’ll see that “Feel So Good” is in very good company with these guys (Rosalie, Feel Like Making Love, Kids Wanna Rock, etc.). Who knows – they might just be coming to a town near you soon and you wouldn’t want to miss them playing “Feel So Good” now would you?

Just as a matter of interest – if you happen to know some other band(s) or musician(s) who play some of my songs then I’d love to hear about it. I do know that a few bands are playing my versions of some cover songs I’ve recorded (Fine, Fine, Fine, for example) and another band recorded a demo of “Someone I Used To Know”, and it was very interesting to hear their version of it.

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