Some words about the new CD “Beyond The Tears”

Sorry I haven’t posted much here over the last while. As you can probably imagine, we’re all working pretty much flat out these days since “Beyond The Tears” went on pre-sale.

A HUGE thank you to all of you we’ve pre-ordered already!! To those of you who haven’t gotten around to it yet you have until the 9th of Sept. still to get your order in for the ‘special deal’ [buy one get one FREE]. It is my fervent hope that we’ll be able to continue the deal FOREVER but that will depend on the pre-sale figures. People gotta get paid around here too ya know!! 🙂

Anyway, thought you might like to read what some people have been saying about the CD already (based on either getting promotional copies or from having listened to the clips on the website).

“I was humbled recently to be asked by Barry to contribute to what turned out to be a cracking record in the making. One of the songs was a kind of Celtic boogie, the second a fabulous acoustic Irish self-penned instrumental, and the last a great Dylanesque type song. I love the fact that I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to play on other people’s records, as I honestly enjoy the buzz, and this one was no exception” Mark Feltham – Rory Gallagher Band – England 

“Working with my good friend Barry was a great experience and a pleasure. The music was organic and rootsie and reminded me of the early Fleetwood Mac albums. In the same breath it is very much an album that says exactly who Barry is and his unique take on the blues”
Pat McManus – Mama’s Boys & Celtus – N.Ireland

“I have known, and been a friend of Barry for many years, and I was delighted to be asked to play on his new CD. The songs have a very natural feel and are very musical and it was a pleasure for me to play on and be part of this wonderful album.
Johnny Fean – Horslips – Ireland 

“Just listened in full to the CD and I have to say you have produced an absolute gem of an album. I just loved it all! Great songs…superb playing throughout and excellent production values”

PJ Curtis – Record producer/DJ/writer – Ireland

“Now listening to the album for the third time. No doubt, this is your most mature work to date. “Trouble” blew my mind. If I close my eyes I think this is what Horslips could have sounded like if they had kept going, but they didn’t and you did, and have produced a cracker of a song. “The Sunset Waltz” is a masterpiece. “Catch me if you can”, “Rollin”, “In the dead of Night”, all excellent. If the Stones at this stage of their career produced songs of this quality, they would be hailed as geniuses.

There is a wonderful mood to the album, and you hear that in all the playing. Guitars, Hammond, harp, accordion throughout the album are beautifully blended and sit perfectly within the songs. It will sit right along side Mick Taylor’s – Leather Jackets in my collection

Guess what McCabe, you’ve found what you’re looking for. Good lad. It’s been a road worth travelling.

Steve Iredale – U2’s production manager – Ireland

The first cut certainly reminded me of my boyhood days when I first heard of Chuck Berry. You did a fine job and that song had me really going on an otherwise slow day, having come from an all day at the Dallas VA where I had a lengthy MRI done. Sure wish I had a joint in my pocket in hearing that lively tune! You are a great songwriter Barry. Never lose sight of that fact. And truly, you are blessed with a great voice and are a fine guitarist. You made a GREAT album my friend, sure it is that I am proud to know you.

J. Greywolf Leigh – Texas, USA

I checked out the tunes and I have to say this disc is leagues ahead of some of the best music out there these days. I’d say it’s on par with the great sounds lost in the seventies when musicians had to be great before they saw the inside of a studio! It’s too bad the music business is such a corporate thing these days because a guy with your talents should be a STAR! For the rest of you, by all means listen to Barry’s samples. If you like the Allman Brothers, Jackson Browne, The Doobies – you will love Barry’s music. He’s got a style all his own. The songwriting’s good and the tunes grab you straight outta the box! Nice work, Barry!

Paul Jagger

Musically it is very good! After listening to so much crap these days on the radio, its refreshing to hear something original and sincere. Keep up the good work mate and witha great surname like that you can’t go wrong !!!!

Phil McCabe (no relation)

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