“Why Music?” – book and photo exhibition

Why Music?

This might be interesting for you if you live in Holland or more specifically in the province of Limburg in the south of Holland.

Ron Bosmans and Brendan van den Beuken are two Dutch guys who write and take photos. Together they are responsible for the “Why Music?” project – a combination of musicians’ stories and photos. A book/photo exhibition will open at 2.30pm (14.30hrs) on the 3rd of May in the Limburg Museum in Venlo and run until the 12th of August. The book will have 45 photos of musicians and 26 of those musicians will tell their story – why they play music.

They asked Barry to write a story for the book and one of the photos Brendan took of Barry during his gig in Café Cambrinus in Horst is also in the book. There will be live music at the opening and it is the plan that there will also be concerts in the museum throughout the run of the exhibition. We’re working on the possibility of Barry doing a solo acoustic gig in the museum somewhere between the opening date and August 12th.

Brendan’s name might look familiar to some of you. Yes, that’s his photo on “Beyond The Tears” (the black & white one on the back of the CD). His site is www.brendan.exto.nl

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