Where are those FREE copies of “Beyond The Tears” going?

I received an interesting mail this morning regarding the extra FREE copy of “Beyond The Tears”. I’ve received LOADS of lovely stories from people telling me what they did with their extra copy – from giving it to a friend who’s in hospital to giving it to the local DJ [I’d never have thought of that and what a GREAT way to get the music out to even more people].

First a little background on the person who sent me the mail. I met him in Holland when I played a gig over there. He’s since been to several shows, he’s a big music lover and loves to spread the word around. He’s also a Wishbone Ash fan. So, here’s what I received from him this morning.

Dutchman – we met a fellow Irishman recently at a Wishbone Ash gig in England – and he didn’t know your music! He works in Dublin and is a die-hard music lover. To win him over we sent him the extra copy of the “Beyond the Tears” CD. This is what he had to say:

Irishman – “Beyond The Tears” is excellent. From the lyrics Barry seems to have been through troubled times. Hard to believe such a talent is here on my own doorstep and I’d never heard of him. I’ve looked up his website and from the radio stations he visits for promo interviews it seems he is well-known in the north and west of the country. He hasn’t been on Dublin radio that I know of. I will be sending in requests!

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