What a great year it’s been!!!

Well, we just confirmed a gig in my hometown – Virginia, Co. Cavan – for the 21st of December and it got me thinking back over this year and how great it’s been.

We started recording the new CD in January, which gave me the opportunity to work with some of my best friends (who also just happen to be really talented people and among the best in the business). They helped shape the album and it turned out way better than I ever could have hoped for. It’s always a thrill releasing a new album but somehow this one already felt special.

It was heart-warming to see the strong support from you all reflected in advance sales and sales since it’s release. I also had the added pleasure of seeing the album pick up more airplay in Ireland than I’ve probably received for all my albums in the past. Looks like the DJ’s like it too!

I got to play some wonderful gigs this year with the boys in the band – Disneyland on St. Patrick’s Day, a brilliant blues festival in Twist, Germany on my birthday, “One Of These Days” making it through to the finals of the Blues song contest in Helsinki, Finland, the amazing atmosphere in Assen, Holland the night before the big bike races, a Celtic festival in France and an incredible time in Notodden, Norway, which was thanks to Leiv and all his wonderful gang. I am hoping to be out on the road more in 2007 so hopefully I’ll get to see more of you in your hometowns.

…and now to finish the year playing a concert in my hometown is a lovely finish to the year. I don’t play as much in Ireland as I used to (just end up being away a lot) and I haven’t even played in Virginia in awhile, so I must admit I’m quite looking forward to that. Hope to see some of you there.

The photo is of Lough Ramor in Virginia. My school looked out onto this beautiful lake and I can still remember sitting there dreaming – instead of studying – that one day I’d be in a rock ‘n’ roll band and playing music full time!

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