Recording update

I’ve been extremely busy in the recording studio since the start of the year and I’m happy to report that everything is going very well so far. A couple of songs are practically complete already. Hopefully all they need is a little ‘salt & pepper’ (as a French studio engineer once said to me). By that he meant the little things you need to do when you get to the final mix stage. It can be anything from getting the balance right, to adding a little reverb here and there, etc.

I have decided to change my approach to how I work in the studio this time. For “The Peace Within” CD I had all the songs complete before I went in to record it. Indeed, I’d even played most of them on the road already. This time I want to leave the songs as ‘open’ as possible right up until the last minute. You hear things differently in the studio, so sometimes when you’re really focused like that then you let the song go in a different direction, or in other words you let it find its own direction. It might be a slightly slower way of working – and it certainly gives you a few heart-stopping moments – but I’m determined to be brave and face the challenge head on!

I’ll be working with a few ‘special guests’ – friends really – on this album. I don’t want to tempt faith by talking about them already but I can tell you that Pat McManus will be playing on it. I can tell you this because he’s recorded some things with me already. For those of you who might not know who Pat is, check out two bands called Mama’s Boys & Celtus. [note: I don’t think there is an official Mama’s Boys site. I think there is a blues-rock band doing the rounds at this moment called Mama’s Boys, so watch out for any confusion there.]

A little history: The McManus family is a very well known family within the traditional music world. Pat’s father John still plays fiddle (he’s in his eighties) and his mother sang in his band. Pat was All-Ireland fiddle champion by the age of 14. He discovered rock music through Horslips, renounced the fiddle and picked up a Gibson flying V instead! After mastering that instrument he went on to record and release some fine hard rockin’ albums with Mama’s Boys. He was even offered a place in Whitesnake after Bernie Marsden left. After the death of his younger brother Tommy, from leukemia, Pat and John formed Celtus. This band was a return to their more traditional roots. Check out the CD “Moonchild” as an example.

I’m about to go back into the studio for round two, so wish me luck!

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