Helping people in New Orleans through CD Baby & Red Cross

Some of us artists at CD Baby – actually it’s nearly 8000 at this moment – have set up something to help the people involved in the New Orleans disaster. We have decided to donate all monies from our CD sales to the relief efforts. In other words, Derek forwards all monies owed to us directly to the American branch of the Red Cross.

The good thing about doing it this way is that the money will get there fast and in lump sums. I think this is a lot better and more efficient than us trying to do it ourselves from all over the world.

There is a special section on the CD Baby front page called “For Charity”, with a Red Cross behind it. All the artists in that section will be donating their sales money.

So if you were thinking of buying a gift for someone special now might be a very good time to do it. Wouldn’t it be lovely if your ‘gift’ was part of something that helped to save a life. Thanks!

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