Tour of Holland for “War Child” Charity – 28th Feb. to 10th Mar.

Barry will be touring Europe in 2004 to spread his “Peace Within” message – “the only way for peace without, is to find the peace within”. This tour will also include Holland. Barry will be collecting money for “War Child” during the Dutch section of the tour, by donating the royalties from his song “The Peace Within”, among other things.

Barry is certainly no stranger to Dutch audiences as he has played all the big clubs and festivals there already. This is his first major tour of Holland in over three years. Rather than play just a few concerts in a few major cities Barry has set himself a gruelling task – to play 12 shows in 12 days in all the 12 provinces. “That’s just the road warrior in me raising its ugly head again” Barry laughs after describing his tour plans. I have played in all the provinces before; just never the 12 of them 12 days in a row like this. It’s been a long time and I didn’t want anyone feeling left out. I appreciate all the support I’ve received over the years so this is my way of giving something back to the people of Holland for that support”.

Barry will be working with various charities throughout Europe on this tour. “War Child” is the charity in Holland that will be the recipient of all money collected there. “Whether we like it or not, there are many horrific situations in the world right now that unfortunately impact children in many negative ways. I was particularly impressed that “War Child” seems geared to understand that if you invest in the children of these war torn areas you are also working very positively towards change and peace. That’s why I’m very happy to try and collect some money for them on this leg of the tour. I will be donating the royalties from my song “The Peace Within” to their charity. We also plan to keep tickets prices for the tour as low as possible thereby prompting people to come out and see the show and hopefully throw a few Euro in the collection buckets as well.

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